Hershey Bears Alumni: Scotty Alexander Dies at Age 93

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Scotty Alexander Dies at Age 93

Earlier this week William "Scotty" Alexander passed away at the age of 93. Alexander played a single game for the Bears in the 1950's. Alexander moved from Baltimore to Hershey and became the Bears trainer in the mid-1940s. A position he held well into the 1970s.
His single game was during the 1953-54 season in Buffalo as a replacement for the injured Gordie "Red" Henry. According to Obie O'Brien, "We had 16 players and a trainer. He played well for us but we lost. We tried to let him see the puck and push people out in front of him." Alexander also served as backup goaltender in 1940 with the old Baltinore Orioles of the Eastern League.
Alexander fame in Hershey is legendary. From Scotty Alexander puck night to a feature picture and article in the game day program, the former trainer is betterr known then many former players. To former Bear players ,he is mentioned in the same breath as Mike Nykoluk and Frank Mathers.
(photos: Alexander featured on the cover of a game program & rare 1940 picture of Alexander in a Baltimore Orioles Eastern Hockey League uniform)


Blogger Unknown said...

Worked along side Scotty in the Summer of 1963 as we labored for Haldeman Construction in Hershey PA. ( It was common practice for Hershey Bears Hockey Players in those days to work in construction as common lab errors so they could supplement their meager hockey salaries. Mike Nycholuk was also on our crew that summer.) Anyway, Scotty was always a scruffy little guy (like a Bandy Rooster) who always told you exactly how he felt. Profane at times, funny as hell and always cracking jokes. Ready to fight at the drop of a hat. Impossible to not like the guy. He always referred to our bosses, as they pushed us through those hot summer days, as "little Pric_". Sorry he has passed......bet he's made God chuckle!

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